måndag 28 februari 2011

Another free game tip - Flyff!

Goodmorning blog! Another free game that i will recommend is Flyff (Fly For Fun) which is like an animie mmorpg. I played this game for about 8 months and i enjoyed it. Some people can feel it gets boring in the long run, since i'ts a mmorpg that includes alot of grinding instead of doing quests.
But i felt relaxed when i played it and that was tone of the good parts, you dont feel stressed.

Why its called Fly For fun is because once you reach lvl 20, you are able to fly using a flying broom or board, which is really nice :)

Check it out and download it at http://flyff.gpotato.com/v16/index.html

söndag 27 februari 2011

League of Legends!

Hey again guys! I really need to recomend the free "dota"-alike game League of Legends, its awesome AND free!

i have been playing it for about 1 year now and i really enjoy it. I've tried Heroes of Newerth and Dota aswell and played them for a long time, but i rather play League of Legends now. HoN and Dota is so close to eachother in terms of content and abilitys, while LoL has many new things like; ability power, armor penetration, cooldown reduction, mastery points and so on.

 check it out at http://www.leagueoflegends.com/!

The birthday is over!

My birthday is now over. We ate some delicious taco lasagne and had a really nice time! I got a new Razer deathadder mouse, since my old mouse was getting over-used, some cool t-shirts, a new pair of shoes and a restaurant dinner from my girlfriend <3

Whats the best gift you ever got on your birthday? Feel free to share!

Take care!

My birthday today!

Oh yeah, ding IRL today! Waiting for my friends and family to come over to my house for some dinner and stuff, will be fun.

Will be updating with my gifts later ;)

fredag 25 februari 2011

New day new opportunities!

Good morning blog! Finally friday! Today i will meet my dear girlfriend and we will go to see one of our friends play live with his band.

Talk to you later!

torsdag 24 februari 2011

My favorite game at the moment!

The game im playing the most right now is actually a free game called Bloodline champions. It's a arena-based action game where you chose a champion to play in an arena. Everything is based on skill since you have to aim with your mouse and thats what i really like about the game. Fast and takes skill! :)

A good score i got today, as a healer i had most healing done AND most damage done ;)


There is a new action-packed FPS called Bulletstorm that just came out! It actually looks really fun to play since they implented a new thing called "Skillshots", where you get points depending on how "cool" your kill was.
Definitely gonna test it out!

Check it out on their website http://www.bulletstorm.com/

My first blog!

Greetings everyone. I go under the nickname Conzume and im a what you can call "hardcore gamer". Gaming is basically my whole life. I play games from the morning to the night, i just wished i could make a living out of it :(

Anyways, this blog will be about games, how it is being a gamer, what a gamer can do with his life and so on. More content will be comming soon.